• Official Futsal size and weight, this ball is smaller and heavier than traditional soccer balls.
• A seamless thermal-bonded surface repels water and mud to create consistency in any conditions.
• Say goodbye to tearing seams, ragged covers and balls going out-of-round.
• The thermally fused polyurethane cover material is paired with an elastic foam backing to retain shape and maintain softness for injury prevention and striking.
• Grooves and textured surface provide true flight and action on bending shots.
• The low rebound bladder makes it perfect for fast indoor play.
• Quality construction for top-level play.
• For indoor Futsal play.
Material: Upper Material PU
Construction: Thermal Bonded Futsal Ball
Usage: Club Training, High-level Practice
Color: Customized
Logo: Customized
Bladder: Low Rebound Cotton Wrapped Rubber Bladder
Size Specifications: Details of each size ball are below:
Size 1: Circumference: 50-52 cm
Weight: 280-300 gm
Appropriate age: Up to 7/8 years
Size 2: Circumference: 54-56 cm
Weight :340-350
Appropriate age: 8 to 10
Size 3: Circumference: 58-59 cm
Weight: 370-380 gm
Appropriate age: 11/14
Size 4: Circumference: 62-64 cm
Weight: 420-440 gm
Appropriate age: 16 and older